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  • Ring Style: The "Roslyn" is an oval labradorite women's engagement ring with diamond accents. Many other center stone options are available upon request.  
  • Center Stone: 6x8mm Oval Labradorite
  • Materials: 14K gold engagement ring featuring a labradorite center stone and 0.6 CTW diamond accents.
  • Customizable: Because each ring is handcrafted to order, we can customize yours using unique materials, gemstones, or design features, often without any added cost! We can even use personal materials that you send! Basic customizations (material swaps, etc…) can be accommodated by simply adding a request in the “Custom Requests” section during checkout. For more extensive customizations, please feel free to contact us! We would be honored to make your ring even more meaningful!
  • Swap Your Stone: We have many center stone options available to choose from, often at no additional cost or for a small upgrade cost! These include Salt and Pepper Diamond, Montana Sapphire, Turquoise, Moonstone, Lab-Created Alexandrite, and many more. Please reach out if you would like information on stone options and pricing!
    • Available In: 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, or 14K Rose Gold


    This ring contains a labradorite center stone which will have unique characteristics in the stone, making your ring truly unique! These characteristics in your stone may include cracks, dark spots and flecks, and scratching on the surface of the ring. While many people choose labradorite because of its unique colors, it is important to be aware that labradorite stones will contain these inherent flaws. 

    Labradorite, when cut, can crack and this is unavoidable. There might be one big crack, other times there are multiple small cracks, but it's also possible to have anything in between! The stones can also have scratching on the exterior of the stone and cloudy or foggy sections throughout. These unique characteristics cannot be controlled and we do not offer a free stone replacement due to the aesthetic of the stones.  

    Labradorite has many colors that can come through depending on the light and the colors that come through are unique and different from one stone to the next. The most common colors that shine through are blue, purple, brown, and green. However, this doesn't mean the colors are limited to those few!

    If you receive your ring and your labradorite appears to have cracks, there is no need to worry about the durability of the stone! We are confident the structural integrity of the stone is not compromised and as long as the ring is cared for, there will not be an issue with the stone cracking and breaking. 

    Labradorite scores a 6 - 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

    Additional Information

    View our Passion and Craftsmanship HERE 

    **Please note that because we use natural materials in our rings (such as wood, antler, etc.) there WILL be variation in how the color and grain of the materials in your ring turn out. No two rings will look the same!**


    Men’s/Unisex Rings

    Because many of our rings have natural materials in them (such as wood, antler, etc.) they do require more care than a traditional solid gold wedding band. We recommend you remove your ring for:

    - Any water exposure (including handwashing)
    - Using household chemicals, hand sanitizer, or any other harsh chemicals
    - Any manual labor
    - Anything that might incur impact damage such as hitting your ring on hard surfaces or dropping it

    Engagement Rings

    - Remove your ring for any manual labor (especially anything that includes gripping items tightly such as furniture, free weights, etc.)
    - Remove your ring when using cosmetics, household chemicals, hand sanitizer, or any other harsh chemicals

    Click here to view our full care guidelines for all of our rings.


    We offer a free ring sizing kit at the time of purchasing a ring, which ensures you receive one free resize as long as the ring is returned within 30 days of receiving it! If you did not use our free ring sizer, or are reaching out after the 30 days, please contact us and we’d love to help you get your sizing figured out!

    Because we know many people want to keep some aspect of their proposal a surprise we offer one free lifetime resize on all women's engagement rings, regardless of the free sizing kit being used, so that you don't have to ask for her ring size and give away the fact that you're ordering the ring soon. If a ring tracer or ring guard was bought at the same time as the engagement ring, you will also receive one free resize for those as well.

    *Free engagement ring resize is only valid for rings bought on or after January 3rd, 2022*

    If ordering in TUNGSTEN or CERAMIC please note those are comfort fit bands and you must be sized appropriately. The rest of our rings are standard fit.

    Click here to view our full sizing guidelines and information.


    Returns & Exchanges

    We do accept returns and exchanges as long as the ring is returned within 30 days of receiving it, and is returned in perfect condition. Please email us for instructions on sending the ring in!

    Custom rings may receive 60% store credit OR a 40% refund.

    Lead Times

    Our lead time for rings that are made to order is 3 weeks if set in Titanium, Black Zirconium, Damascus Steel, Tungsten, or Ceramic (and do not contain any silver or gold), 6 weeks for rings containing Gold or Silver and up to 8 weeks on women's engagement and wedding rings, or any rings which contain precious stones. Custom rings can take longer than our 8 week production time.


    Please note that because we use natural materials in our rings (such as wood, antler, etc.) there WILL be variation in how the color and grain of the materials in your ring turn out. No two rings will look the same!

    The interior of most rings will be engraved with our antler logo and the metal type of the ring you are purchasing.

    If purchasing a stone from the Staghead Mine please note that we do not send the loose stone.

    Click here to view our full policies.


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