Before we start crafting your ring, we want to give you a white glove sizing experience that is unlike anything you will get from another online jeweler because you deserve the confidence in knowing that your ring will fit perfectly! Other companies offer zip ties, printouts, measuring instructions, or ask you to visit another jeweler to get your size. These options are unreliable and often lead to ill-fitting rings. With Staghead Designs, you will receive a box containing stainless steel rings ranging in half sizes from size 4 to 14. These rings are made in a similar width and interior fit as the ring we will be making for you, giving you an accurate method to discover the perfect size for your ring. If you think you will need a size larger than 14, please feel free to reach out to us prior to ordering so we can ensure you get the ring sizers needed!

Our sizing kit is offered as a FREE option with every ring purchase and can be added to your order by selecting the "Free Resizing Kit" option under the "Ring Size Or Free Ring Sizing Kit" dropdown menu during checkout. We highly recommend this method as it is the most effective sizing option that we have found and will provide you with 1 free resize in the event the ring isn't a perfect fit. Please note that the ring must be returned to us within 30 days of receiving it in order to take advantage of this free resize, and we will provide a USPS First Class Mail return shipping label as well as cover the cost of shipping the ring back to you after the resize. 

*Rings made in black zirconium or heat-treated titanium will be resized by machining out the interior of the ring which will remove the top layer and expose the gray color underneath. We will be unable to re-color the ring, so the inside will be gray. This is typically not seen when being worn.

Women’s Engagement Rings

Because we know many people want to keep some aspect of their proposal a surprise we offer one free lifetime resize on all women's engagement rings, regardless of the free sizing kit being used, so that you don't have to ask your partner for their ring size and give away the fact that you're ordering the ring soon. If a ring tracer or ring guard was bought at the same time as the engagement ring, you will also receive one free resize for those as well.

Please note that choosing our ring sizing kit will delay the production of your ring as we cannot start production until you send us confirmation of your final size.

In the event you need to send your ring in for the free resize, simply email us with your order number and put "Attention Returns" in the subject line of the email. We will not provide a return shipping label to ship the ring to us, however we will cover the cost of shipping the ring back to you once resized. 

*Ring sizes obtained with our ring sizing kit are only valid for 30 days and are only valid if the correct ring sizing kit was used. We offer narrow, wide & standard fit, and wide & comfort fit sizing kits so it is extremely important to ensure you are using the correct kit for your ring! You cannot use a narrow sizing kit from your partner’s order and then order a unisex/men’s ring and expect it to fit - it will not. 

*All shipping labels will be USPS First Class Mail. If you'd like to upgrade your shipping, or require a signature upon arrival, please contact us for shipping options and pricing. If you did not use our free sizer, or will be returning the ring after 30 days, we would still love to help you get a ring that fits you! Please email us for options and pricing prior to sending your ring back.

*If shipping your ring to us from outside of the U.S. we are not liable to cover any import/customs fees that may be required by the mail carrier. We will require these fees be paid by you, the customer, prior to us paying the mail carrier. If the fees are not paid in a timely manner this may result in the mail carrier returning the ring to you.


If you would like to be sized locally, we recommend getting sized by two or three reputable jewelers following our guidelines below, depending on if the ring you ordered is a narrow band or a wide band. Please note that our rings are true to international sizing standards, listed below, and our acceptable tolerance on every ring is +/- a tenth of a millimeter.

WIDE RINGS (6mm-10mm wide): We recommend being sized using standard fit rings (not comfort fit) that are the same width as the ring you would like to order from us. Most of our wide rings default to 8mm wide. Please do not use the thin sizing rings that jewelers have as these are not accurate and an actual ring will be tighter (because of added width) than the sizing rings that are used. While we use our own method to create comfort of wear on our rings, it is different than what is referred to as "comfort fit" at most jewelry stores. For this reason, try on standard fit rings. We provide a beveled-cut edge and will thus be more comfortable to the wearer than a typical standard fit ring. Lastly, do not allow a jeweler to give you a size according to a ‘ring-sizing dowel’, as in our experience they can measure differently and can vary based on how the jeweler was trained to read it. A ring can be off by a half size or more, depending on the dowel.

NARROW RINGS (1mm-5mm wide): We recommend being sized using rings that are the same width as the ring you will be ordering in, if at all possible. If a matching width is not available at the jewelers we have also found that the thin key ring sizers are typically very accurate for rings made in a 1mm-5mm width. 

COMFORT FIT RINGS: Request to be sized using comfort fit bands (not standard fit) that are at least 6mm wide. This is only applicable for TUNGSTEN or CERAMIC ring bases. 

*Our ceramic stacking bands are 4mm wide and can only be ordered in half size increments from size 4 to 8. All other tungsten and ceramic rings (which are 8mm wide) can only be ordered in half size increments from size 7 to 13 1/2. The widths cannot be changed on any tungsten or ceramic rings.