While we do everything we can to make each ring as durable as possible, they are made using natural and meaningful materials which are more susceptible to damage from water, impact, chemicals, scratching and other outside forces than solid metal rings would be.

We are always working to improve the quality and durability of our products and have recently developed a new sealant, which results in a more water and impact resistant product! This new sealant should protect your ring against damage from water as long as the sealant remains continuously intact around the entirety of your ring. It should also provide a more secure barrier for the natural materials in your ring from impacts and scratching but still cannot be expected to be as strong as a solid metal ring. Though this new sealant provides your ring with an extra level of protection and durability, it does not provide a guarantee or warranty against water damage or breakage due to impact and other forms of abuse. We still advise that you remove your ring when coming in contact with water or any chemicals like hand sanitizer, lotions, etc. This is especially important if your ring is open-ended, meaning the antler or wood does not have a metal edge on one or both sides. Because these things can cause the sealant to deteriorate over time, the less the sealant is exposed to these substances the longer it will last.

WOMEN’S RINGS  (which do not contain any natural materials, such as crushed turquoise, antler, wood, etc.):

Most can be cleaned using warm, soapy water and lightly brushing it to remove any substances on the surface. If you’re unsure how to clean your ring, please feel free to reach out for guidance. If your ring has prongs securing stone(s) we recommend having a local jeweler check the prongs at least annually to ensure they’re tight and securing the stones!

Also, please be aware that exposing your ring to household chemicals such as bleach, cleaners, etc. as well as extreme heat can cause damage to the stone(s) in your ring.


We do offer a lifetime-limited warranty, which can be purchased to cover repairs, reseals, and more, throughout the life of your ring. These can be purchased within the listing of any qualifying ring that you select or added you your cart by clicking HERE.

If no warranty is purchased we can repair your ring for a price that will vary depending on the extent of the damage being repaired. Please keep in mind when sending your ring in for repair, that we may have to replace some or all of the damaged materials contained in your ring (wood, turquoise, etc.)! While we do our best to save the original materials used in your ring, sometimes they need to be replaced in order to ensure its long-term durability.

Because each ring is a custom commissioned piece, we do not offer refunds. We stand by our products and will repair any manufacturer defects, but cannot offer refunds as your ring was made custom to your size and specification. If your ring has broken or needs repairs please contact us and we will offer solutions. We are happy to repair your ring so that you can continue to enjoy it.