While we do everything we can to make each ring as durable as possible, they are made using natural and meaningful materials which are more susceptible to damage from water, impact, chemicals, scratching and other outside forces than solid metal rings would be.

We are always working to improve the quality and durability of our products and have recently developed a new sealant which results in a more water and impact resistant product! This new sealant should protect your ring against damage from water as long as the sealant remains continuously intact around the entirety of your ring. It should also provide a more secure barrier for the natural materials in your ring from impacts and scratching but still cannot be expected to be as strong as a solid metal ring. Though this new sealant provides your ring with an extra level of protection and durability, it does not provide a guarantee or warranty against water damage or breakage due to impact and other forms of abuse. We still advise that you remove your ring for any manual labor as well as when coming in contact with water or any chemicals like hand sanitizer, lotions, etc. This is especially important if your ring is open-ended, meaning the antler or wood does not have a metal edge on one or both sides. Because these things can cause the sealant to deteriorate over time, the less the sealant is exposed to these substances the longer it will last.

Lastly, please be conscious of potential impact damage. If you hit your ring on a hard surface this may cause a crack or chip in the sealant, and the sealant will no longer protect the natural materials of your ring. Even if the sealant doesn't look cracked, it may have caused separation between the seal and the metal, allowing for moisture to get under the sealant and cause a cloudy effect or even damage the materials themselves.


Wearing Your Ring:

We get it - you love your ring and want to wear it all the time! Wearing your ring in some situations can cause unwanted damage including loose prongs, impact damage which can cause the stone to chip or break, or even cause scratching of the stone. For this reason, we recommend removing your ring for all manual labor (including sports, going to the gym, gripping items with force such as bicycle handlebars, luggage, etc.) and while doing household chores including washing dishes, laundry, and cleaning. Avoid contact with chemicals (such as chlorine and household bleach), extreme temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics, and other substances which may cause damage to your one-of-a-kind ring.

Because silver and gold are softer metals, the prongs on them can be worn down over time and may need to be re-tipped. Depending on how well cared for the ring is, this re-tipping may need to be done every 3-6 months, or you could go years without needing to re-tip your prongs! There are things you can do to help protect the prongs and ensure they last as long as possible, such as removing the ring for showering, being conscious of not catching the prongs on things such as clothing or hair, and removing the ring while sleeping. The ring rubbing on surfaces, such as sheets or blankets, will cause the prongs to be worn down quicker so the better cared for, the longer the prongs will remain in tact and secure your stone(s).   

Please note that there will be a charge to re-tip prongs and we do not cover any stones lost due to the prongs being worn down.

Inspecting Your Ring:

Inspect your ring regularly to ensure nothing looks out of the ordinary with your ring band, the stone, or the prongs securing your stones. As prongs wear down they become rough or sharp, so to catch this early on it's best to inspect and feel them regularly. We recommend getting your ring inspected at least annually, and when you're ready to send yours in for inspection, cleaning, or getting your prongs re-tipped you can email us for instructions on sending that in! If you notice a bent prong, a loose stone, or anything unusual with your ring please remove it immediately in order to avoid any gemstones or small diamond accents from falling out. 

Cleaning Your Ring:

Daily wear and tear of your ring can cause dulling of the stones and the metal band. To clean your ring at home, mix one part dish soap and five parts warm water and let your ring soak in the solution for 5 minutes. Take the ring and gently scrub it with a soft bristle brush, rinse it, and dry with a soft cloth and your ring should be sparkling clean again! For rings which contain crushed or set natural materials (crushed turquoise, antler, wood, etc.) we recommend NOT soaking the ring in water. Brushing it with the solution will be fine, just as long as there’s no prolonged exposure to the water.

For polishing, you can always send the ring in to us for a touch up, or any local jeweler will be able to polish your ring to remove surface scratches and get it shining again! Please note that we do not recommend using steam cleaners, since the heat can cause damage to the stone or the inlays of natural materials in the ring.

If you would like to send your ring in for inspections, cleaning, or polishing please email us and put "Attention Repairs" in the subject line.


We do offer a lifetime-limited warranty, which can be purchased to cover repairs, reseals, and more, throughout the life of your ring. These can be purchased within the listing of any qualifying ring that you select or added you your cart by clicking HERE.

If no warranty is purchased we can repair your ring for a price that will vary depending on the extent of the damage being repaired. Please keep in mind when sending your ring in for repair, that we may have to replace some or all of the damaged materials contained in your ring (wood, turquoise, etc.)! While we do our best to save the original materials used in your ring, sometimes they need to be replaced in order to ensure its long-term durability.