REPAIRS/RESIZE - Metal Ring Sizer Kit


If you know you will need a size larger than size 14 please make sure to select the option for sizes 14 1/4-18. 

**This listing is specifically for those who have already received a ring and it does not fit. If you would like a ring sizer and have not yet ordered from us, you can purchase the ring you'd like and select the Free Ring Sizer option at checkout!**

Please be aware of what width & fit your ring will be that you are ordering as this will determine what width of ring sizers you need! You can select the appropriate width you will need from the drop down menu. We also provide the option for comfort fit sizers, however those are only valid for rings that will be ordered in tungsten and ceramic. Every other ring base/metal type will be standard fit.


In order to determine your size, we recommend trying on different sizes until you find one that goes on the finger easily. Once it's on, flick your hand a few times to make sure it's not going to fall off. When removing the sizer, make sure there's a bit of resistance when going over the knuckle, because you don't want it to come off too easily. It's hard to recommend exactly how tight or loose it should fit once on your finger because different people have different preferences, but we prefer that it can spin a little bit once it's on our finger while still having that resistance when going over the knuckle. I also would recommend trying a half size up from the size that you feel fits well just to make sure that is definitely the size you'd like to go with.

We also recommend trying it on at different times throughout the day and wearing it around for a little while (making sure as best you can it's staying at the size you set it) just to make sure it's a comfortable fit for you. The sizers are made in 1/2 size increments, however we make our rings in 1/4 sizes so please keep that in mind when deciding on your final size!

If you have any questions about how to use the ring sizers, please let us know and we are happy to help!

*Please note that the sizer will be shipping with USPS and we will include a return shipping label so you can return the sizers when done.
*If you are ordering a ring that is wider than 10mm please reach out for guidance on ordering for that width.
*You are not purchasing the ring sizers; the $10 covers the cost of shipping both ways and we do require the sizing kit be sent back.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Roxanne Adams
Love the Ring Sizer

I was really impressed with the Ring sizer kit. They were very durable and made well! I could wear it all day and not be bothered by them! Super easy to use and customer service is great!

Jan Liband

REPAIRS/RESIZE - Metal Ring Sizer Kit

Stephanie Nash

REPAIRS/RESIZE - Metal Ring Sizer Kit

Taylor Peterson
Sizer Kit

Fast, easy way to size yourself without going to a jeweler. We'll see if I picked the right size.

Hailey Forbes
Ring sizers

We got the ring sizers in the mail fairly quickly. It came with many sizes in increments of half sizes. We have sent in the order to get my husband’s ring adjusted and are currently waiting for it to be fixed and returned.