In-Stock Rings

Our In-Stock section features all of our in-stock & ready to ship rings. This section is divided into 4 different collections, each with their own advantages. "Homeless Rings", are handcrafted rings that were ordered in the wrong size or made for a photoshoot & now have no "forever home". They cannot be resized but are offered at a discount. Our "In-Stock" collection features some of our more popular women's designs. These rings are still handcrafted but have been made ahead of time to reduce our lead time. If ordered in their current size they can be shipped with in a week, if needing a resize, they will ship in 2-3 weeks. Rings in the "In-Stock (Mountings Only)" can also be resized, but give added flexibility to add a center stone of your choosing. Center stone choice will determine delivery times.

(Often Discounted, 1 Week Lead Time, In-Stock, Non-Resizable)


(Resizable, 1-2 week lead time if ordered in current size)


(Resizable, Choose your own stone, 1 week lead time if ordered in current size)

IN-STOCK RINGS (Mountings Only)