Although the majority of our rings are artisan-crafted to the exact specifications of each order, we also have a variety of ready-to-ship engagement rings in stock to choose from.
ready-to-ship engagement rings are all handcrafted as well and are made using the same high-quality processes and materials as our custom rings. These are rings that were
either purchased in the wrong size or made for a photo shoot but still offer the same value and charm as our custom rings at a lower price and with a faster turnaround. Our

ready-to-ship engagement rings
are often discounted and ship in just one week. Styles and sizes are limited and they often sell out quite quickly so act now! Shop our incredible
collection of
ready-to-ship engagement rings to find the exact ring you’re looking for at the best price as quickly as possible.

Please note that we use our stock photos for the ring listings. Color, grain, and other characteristics may vary.

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