Pop the Champagne (Diamonds)! Here's What You Need To Know

Champagne diamonds are celebrated for their yellowish-brown color that brings a POP of beautiful warmth and color to any custom engagement ring. They are a great choice for anyone looking to add a unique touch to their ring that doesn't stray too far from the realm of traditional wedding jewelry. Champagne diamonds are a relatively more cost-effective alternative to traditional colorless diamonds and are a more sustainable choice that help cut down on diamond mining waste.

Charred Whiskey Barrel Wedding Band & Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

What are Champagne Diamonds?

Champagne diamonds are a fancy colored variety of diamond, named after their golden champagne-like color that is caused by the presence of nitrogen trapped within the diamond. These diamonds come in a range of colors from light Prosecco to honey to deep cognac shades. In addition, we also offer champagne salt and pepper diamonds that combine gorgeous golden hues with flecks of inimitable inclusions.

Just like salt and pepper diamonds, champagne diamonds were once considered undesirable outcasts of the diamond world. However, alternative stones like champagne and salt and pepper diamonds have been growing in popularity among both jewelers and jewelry enthusiasts for their unique looks and relatively more affordable price.

Champagne Diamonds & Champagne Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Why We Love Champagne Diamonds


Champagne diamonds are more common than colorless diamonds and are therefore relatively more affordable. They used to be considered "waste" of traditional diamond mining and were either discarded or used for industrial purposes, but now are gaining popularity and attention. This is a step in the right direction for higher sustainability and less waste in the diamond mining industry. Rather than being discarded, these gorgeous stones are being used to create one-of-a-kind unique and alternative jewelry. As the saying goes - beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 


Sustainability is not the only concern of diamond mining - some diamonds have had a history and association with human rights issues and questionable ethicality. However, at Staghead Designs we are committed to ethically sourcing our gemstones from responsible partners and mines that are conflict-free, so you can have peace of mind while choosing from our wide selection of stones!


Diamond is the hardest mineral known to man, ranking ten out of ten on the Moh's hardness scale. This makes diamond an excellent durable choice for a custom engagement ring. Due to diamond's hardness, it is able to withstand more tedious cutting processes that are required for more unique cuts like rose, kite, shield, portrait, etc. The Staghead Mine is home to champagne diamonds and many other incredible gemstones in a wide selection of cuts and sizes.

"Classique" Geocut Champagne Diamond

Champagne Diamond Vs. Champagne Moissanite

Love the look of champagne diamond but want a non-diamond ring? No problem! We also work with champagne moissanite. Moissanite is a lab-grown stone that is extremely durable (9.5 on the Moh's scale) and has even higher fire and brilliance than diamond (more sparkles- yes, please!). Champagne moissanite does not offer the wide variety of color shades and inclusions that diamond does, but it a fantastic option for those looking for a lab-grown, sustainable, ethical, and sometimes even more affordable stone!

 "Anastasia" Champagne Moissanite Engagement Ring

Designing/Choosing a Champagne Diamond Ring

Champagne diamonds pair perfectly with the warm colors of summer and fall weddings and glisten both in the day and under warm night lights. Yellow and rose gold complement champagne diamonds/moissanite perfectly and bring out the warmth in the stone, but choose the gold color that you like the most!

Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings In 14K White, Yellow, & Rose Gold  

There are three ways to get a custom champagne diamond/moissanite ring from us:

1. Start with your stone: Browse the Staghead Mine to find the perfect stone first and choose/design a setting based on the stone.

2. Design your own: Work with our designers to start with scratch in designing a custom and personalized ring!

3. Browse our collections of custom handcrafted rings: Get inspiration or find your perfect ring in our collections of customizable designs. (See a ring you like and want to switch the center stone to a champagne diamond? We can usually make that happen!)

Between their scintillating and luxe appearance, relatively lower cost, and excellent durability, champagne diamonds are an excellent unique choice for a custom engagement ring. What better way to celebrate your marriage and special bond with your partner than with a sparkling champagne diamond! 

Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings