10 Diamond Alternative Gemstone Options For Unique Engagement Rings

When designing or searching for your dream ring, you want something that celebrates your own uniqueness and individuality. You are searching for an engagement ring and wedding band that represents who you are. One that is beautiful, yet different and affordable. Maybe the thought of using a diamond makes you question its source as we all strive to make ethical choices. Maybe the pricing of the diamond is also concerning. The truth of the matter is, it is hard to find a standout diamond engagement ring or wedding band that doesn't break the bank. Thankfully, design trends have worked to acknowledge these concerns by providing many exciting diamond alternative gemstone options for a one of a kind, out of the ordinary engagement ring or wedding band that will set you apart from the rest! Choosing an alternative gemstone is an exciting way to customize your ring to fit both your own personal style and budget! Some like the option of choosing a stone based on their own birthstone or that of their fiance. Others like to choose stones with special meanings. Here are some out of the box gemstones to consider for your engagement ring or wedding ring creation.

Salt & Pepper Diamonds

"Cassiopeia" Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

These gemstones are incredibly unique, yet are rare pieces. With a variety of different appearances, it is near impossible to find two stones that are exactly alike. The salt & pepper diamond is a diamond with a mix of white and black inclusions. These inclusions create a unique look in each stone and because these are considered imperfections or flaws in the diamond world, these stones are generally much less expensive than their pure white counterparts. They are also ethically sourced, making them one of our favorite stones to use! Shop salt and pepper diamond rings.


"Terra" Turquoise Wedding Ring Set

If you are looking for a pop of color to stand out in your ring then turquoise may be the gemstone for you. This rare bright blue-green mineral has a rich history of use in eccentric cultures around the world from Africa to Asia and beyond. It is renowned for its use throughout history in jewels and even sculptures because of its eye-catching beauty. Shop turquoise engagement rings.


"Helix" Princess Cut Moissanite & Turquoise Engagement Ring

The moissanite stone is an almost identical replacement for a diamond. It has striking similarities to diamonds in both appearance, such as its brilliance and sparkle, as well as its properties including the hardness and scratch resistance of the stone itself. Moissanite shares many of the same unique and appealing qualities of a diamond at just a fraction of the cost. In fact, to the naked eye one would struggle to differentiate between the two stones. Shop moissanite engagement rings.


"Lucy In The Sky" Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring

The moonstone gemstone gets its name from its moonlight appearance and blue glow that emanates from the stone. The stone is unique because of its adularescence, a term used to describe the phenomenon of the appearance of soft floating light when looking at the stone. An even rarer stone is the rainbow moonstone that emanates a spectrum of iridescent colors. This is a mesmerizing and dynamic gemstone that will bring life to any setting. Shop moonstone engagement rings.

Lab-Grown Alexandrite

"Octavia" Lab-Created Alexandrite Engagement Ring

This gemstone has transformative properties with the ability to change color according to the lighting. When the stones are under white light they will emanate a teal-green hue and when in warm light a reddish-purple hue making them a mesmerizing color change stone. The alexandrite is an intriguing and unique stone with beautiful changing colors to showcase your personality and style. Shop alexandrite engagement rings.


"Roslyn" Morganite Engagement Ring

If you love pastel colors and pink hues then the delicate morganite may be your special gemstone. This transparent semi-precious stone has quickly become one of the favored wedding gems as its peachy tones work lovely in vintage settings and also in the more traditional styles as well. Shop morganite engagement rings.


"Evlin" Opal Engagement Ring

Opal is one of the most popular alternative gemstones in the world and provides a spectrum of vivid colors in just a single gemstone. This classic gemstone is a beautiful choice for an engagement ring or wedding band, but keep in mind it can be fragile and delicate so we do recommend considering your lifestyle when choosing this stone. Lab-grown opal is also a new option, in which the stone is created in the same way as in nature but is controlled in a lab setting where they are able to create a more durable stone and allow for more shape availability. Shop opal engagement rings.


"Alice" Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Aquamarine is a semi-precious gemstone with a soft blue hue which is reminiscent of the ocean waters, for which it is named. It is a colored gemstone with a variety of blue shades available to choose from with sky blue being the most common and mint shades more rare. It is also a more durable stone, making it a very nice choice for an engagement ring. Shop aquamarine engagement rings.


 "Lady Di" Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring

This eye-catching precious blue gemstone is unmistakable. With its bright and vivid blue coloring, it is the most valuable of all the blue gemstones available. Although most varieties are more affordable than diamonds they are one of the highest-priced colored gemstones on the market. Recently a fascination with the teal color tones have brought Montana Sapphire into the spotlight. It is a more rare stone to find. There are also bi-color sapphires which mix two color tones in one stone, and color change sapphires which change depending on the lighting you are in. And if blue is not quite your color of choice, peach sapphire is also becoming very popular! Shop sapphire engagement rings.

Rose Quartz

"Aurae" Rose Quartz Engagement Ring

This inexpensive yet beautifully delicate-looking gemstone is a wonderful alternative stone for those looking for an inexpensive yet striking alternative center stone. The rose quartz stone comes in a soft pink coloring which will make any engagement ring setting or wedding band a colorful and unique design.

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Selecting an alternative gemstone for your wedding band or engagement ring is a bold and unique choice that will allow you to express yourself through a variety of options, styles, and colors. Think beyond the traditional diamond and you can possess a timeless and heirloom quality jewelry piece that you will cherish for years to come. You will not regret going beyond tradition and choosing a modern and attractive piece for your engagement ring or wedding band.

Browse our thoughtfully curated collections or start designing something custom today! We would be honored to be trusted with your special project and would love to discuss your custom ring design.

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