Crafted from lightweight yet robust titanium, this mini pocket knife balances strength and weight. Titanium is known for its corrosion resistance, making it a reliable material for outdoor use. The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, ensuring precise control during various cutting tasks.

The blade is made from Damascus steel, renowned for its exceptional sharpness and striking visual patterns. Damascus steel is created through a process of layering and forging different types of steel, resulting in a blade with both strength and a unique aesthetic appeal. This high-quality material ensures the blade retains its sharp edge over extended use.

Despite its small size, the mini pocket knife is designed to handle a variety of cutting tasks. Whether you need to open packages, cut rope, or perform other everyday cutting chores, this knife is a versatile companion for both urban and outdoor environments.

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Returns & Exchanges

We do accept returns and exchanges as long as the knife is returned within 30 days of receiving it, and is returned in perfect condition. Please email us for instructions on sending the knife in!

Custom knives are final sale and may not be returned for any portion of a refund or store credit. “Custom” means altering the knife in any way from the listing you purchased it from including changing the materials, adding a custom knife engraving, etc.

Completed services such as knife engravings, rushes, etc. will not be refunded or credited.

*Staghead Designs reserves the rights to any design created for a client and may post or share that design publicly as well as list the knife on our website for purchase*


Please note that because we use natural materials in our knives (such as wood, antler, etc.) there WILL be variation in how the color and grain of the materials in your knife turn out. No two knives will look the same!

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