1.47ct 12.33x6.38x2.20mm PEAR ROSE CUT SALT & PEPPER DIAMOND


**Please note that when purchasing a stone, we do not send just the stone itself. In purchasing a Mine Stone, you are reserving that stone in order to work with one of our custom designers to build the perfect ring for your stone! 

Welcome to the Staghead Curated Salt & Pepper Diamond collection! This collection is home to ethically sourced salt & pepper diamonds, hand-selected by our design team because of their unique qualities & with the needs of our client's custom engagement rings in mind! If this salt & pepper diamond speaks to you, please act quickly, as each one possesses characteristics that cannot be replicated. 

Start With Your Stone!

Weight: 1.47ct

Measurements: 12.33x6.38x2.20mm

Stone Shape: Pear Rose Cut

Purchasing a Salt & Pepper Diamond from this collection will reserve it for you, allowing you to design the ring of your dreams around a unique stone and create a meaningful symbol of your love! 

Shortly after purchasing, you will be emailed by one of our ring designers to get started on your custom engagement ring. Once you have finalized your design, please note that crafting these custom-commissioned rings has the possibility of taking longer than our standard 8-week lead time. Designing and bringing a new design to life takes extra time and care to ensure the durability and quality of your custom piece. 

What Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds? 

For many years salt and pepper diamonds have been seen as undesirable by traditional jewelers who have overlooked and dismissed the beauty that exists in their so-called flaws! Recently they have gained popularity as creative jewelers and designers have recognized the beauty in their unique colors and characteristics. Salt and pepper diamonds often include many different flaws and inclusion, which make them extremely unique! These flaws can consist of graining, bearding, clouding, cracks and inclusions, chips, pinpoints, wisps, and other crystals growing inside the gem. The color itself can also vary wildly - anywhere from extraordinarily dark, almost black in appearance, to gray and icy in color. Salt & pepper diamonds are also budget-friendly and generally more ethically and sustainably sourced when compared to traditional diamonds. 

Please note that neither the unique characteristics nor the color of a particular stone can be controlled. Because of this, we do not offer free stone replacements due to the aesthetic and natural variation.

The beauty of Salt and Pepper diamonds is that no two are the same. What's more, these diamonds are not graded like traditional diamonds. The 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat Weight) don't come into play here. Like traditional diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds also rank 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making them the hardest gemstone used in jewelry. If the diamond is mounted carefully and treated with care, it can last for generations! 

This stone is photographed in professional studio lighting that mimics natural sunlight of 5500 degrees Kelvin.

For care and cleaning, we strongly recommend using soapy water and a soft brush as the safest way to clean your jewelry, avoiding ultrasonic and steam cleaners. We also suggest avoiding extreme heat as it has the potential to harm the color variation of your stone. To be safe, remove your jewelry while enjoying a soak in the hot tub or steam in the sauna! You will also want to avoid strong household chemicals and cleaners such as bleach. 

Additional information

**We do not reserve stones for any customer expressing interest in a particular stone. You must complete the purchase of the stone to save and reserve it for yourself! For liability reasons, we will require a signature confirmation upon delivery of your custom ring, regardless of the shipping option you select at checkout.**

**Please note that when purchasing a stone, we do not send just the stone itself. In purchasing a Mine Stone, you are reserving that stone in order to work with one of our custom designers to build the perfect ring for your stone! We are artists, not stone dealers, and our passion is working alongside our clients in designing unique and beautiful rings. We love nothing more than seeing custom rings completed and a client's dreams realized!**

  • 8 Weeks: Women's engagement rings & any ring with precious stones
  • 8-10+ Weeks: Fully custom rings always have the possibility of taking longer than 8 weeks from the time the order is placed. Designing a custom commissioned ring takes time and extra care to ensure we can make the ring you have envisioned come to life. This extra time accounts for sourcing custom stones, new materials, CAD design, or the custom casting of an original design and the complexity of that design


Engagement Rings

- Remove your ring for any manual labor (especially anything that includes gripping items tightly such as furniture, free weights, etc.)
- Remove your ring when using cosmetics, household chemicals, hand sanitizer, or any other harsh chemicals

Click here to view our full care guidelines for all of our rings.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Extend to offer extensive coverage for your custom ring! The Protection Plan covers resizes, repairs, cleanings & polishings, and even loss or theft. Please visit Extend.com to view their coverage details.

Because orders containing a stone from the Staghead Mine are custom, Extend needs time to review the order information and to confirm that the stone is eligible for coverage which means the option to purchase the plan may not be available at the time of purchase. If you'd like to add the Protection Plan on after your purchase, please email us and we will get the information submitted for Extend to review and will then send you a link to purchase the Protection Plan!

Returns & Exchanges

When purchasing a stone from the Staghead Mine, please note that we do not send the loose stone and all sales are final.

Custom rings are final sale and may not be returned for any portion of a refund or store credit. “Custom” means altering the ring in any way from the listing you purchased it from including altering the width of the ring, changing the materials, adding a custom ring engraving, etc.

*Staghead Designs reserves the rights to any design created for a client and may post or share that design publicly as well as list the ring on our website for purchase*


Please note that because we use natural materials in our rings, there WILL be variation in how the color in your ring turns out.

Click here to view our full policies on returns, exchanges, and production times.

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