Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - Customizations Of Our "Lucy In The Sky" Engagement Ring

One of our very first and most popular designs of all time is our "Lucy In The Sky" engagement ring. This unique engagement ring has undergone many customizations over the years and can be made in virtually endless variations! 

"Lucy In The Sky" was one of the first engagement rings we ever made, and it was the first geometric design we ever released. The designer Jen's original design of "Lucy In The Sky" has a solid 14K white, yellow, or rose gold mounting that usually had/has a hexagon rose cut moonstone, a hexagon-shaped diamond halo, milgrain and diamond petal-like details, & kite-shaped inlays with turquoise on the shank. However, we have gotten and continue to get many requests to customize this design to have different center stones, accent stones, inlays, or even slight design changes. Over time, we've built up quite the collection of "Lucy's" - in fact, there are over fifty varieties of this design on our site plus a matching "Lucy" necklace!


Center Stone Options

For years, moonstone was the most popular center stone of choice for "Lucy," however moss agate has since become the popular choice. Other center stone options we have available on our site include: spiny oyster turquoise, lavender moon quartz, garnet, blue goldstone, rose quartz, lab-grown emerald, Oregon sunstone, labradorite, turquoise, opal, lab-grown alexandrite, etc.

We almost always use round or hexagon cut stones for this design, but we can and occasionally do get to make variations like these custom kite cut moss agate and pear cut sapphire versions:

Accent Stone Options

The "Lucy" is currently available with either white diamond accents, or black diamonds accents. 

White Diamonds

Black Diamonds

Inlay Options

We can do hundreds of inlay materials in this ring design, including materials you send in! However, our most popular inlays include:


Fire and Ice Opal

Diamond Dust

Mother of Pearl



Design Variations

Customizations of this design have lead to many other gorgeous engagement ring designs and a necklace design.

"Lucy In The Sky" Petite

This petite version of our original design features a smaller center stone, which is typically a round cut stone.

Celtic Knots

This modified "Lucy" features Celtic Knots instead of floral petals and oval inlays instead of kite-shaped. 

Gingko Leaves

This ring has the petal details removed and features gingko leaves instead.

"Love Story"

"Love Story" is very similar to "Lucy" but has the diamond halo and floral petals removed.

"Crazy On You"

"Crazy On You" is similar to "Lucy" but has the floral petals removed.

"Lucy In The Sky" Necklace

The "Lucy" necklace perfectly complements the "Lucy" ring and can be customized to different stones, inlays, etc.


If you don't see the design variation you're looking for, you can always work with our designers to create something completely custom and new!

How to Stack Your "Lucy"

"Lucy In The Sky" Contoured Diamond Tracer

This tracer was made specifically to pair with the "Lucy" ring and perfectly contours the curves of the ring.

"Lucy In The Sky" Contoured Diamond Ring Guard

Like the single diamond tracer, this diamond ring guard perfectly contours the curves of the "Lucy" ring and adds a protective element to the ring set.

"Raya" Diamond and Inlay Ring Guard

 This ring guard was originally made for our "Raya" engagement ring but fits "Lucy" amazing as well! This ring guard features diamond accents and the inlay material of your choice and adds a protective element to the ring set.


"Sage" Diamond Tracer

This tracer is available with all diamond accents, but can also be made with an alternative stone for the center marquise accent, such as the emerald version below.


"Layla" Diamond Tracer


"Hecate" Ring Guard


The inlay version of this guard can be made with inlays to match your "Lucy" ring, or with pavé diamond accents like the guard below.

"Kida" Tracer

 The "Kida" tracer can be made with inlays to match your "Lucy" ring, which includes turquoise, antler, malachite, fire and ice opal, diamond dust, etc. In addition, there are several variations of the "Kida" that involve diamond accents or multiple inlay channels.

Elevate Your Look

To complete and elevate any bridal look, check out our Staghead Designs x Jorge Revilla Spain Jewelry collection. This collection, specifically the "Shade" collection, pairs beautifully with the "Lucy" moonstone design. These jewelry pieces are 18K gold vermeil 925 sterling silver and feature organic design elements and genuine moonstones. 


Designing a Custom "Lucy In The Sky"

If you don't see your ideal version of our "Lucy In The Sky" ring on our site, reach out to our design team at to customize the "Lucy In The Sky" ring or start from scratch on a completely custom design! 



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