Love Endures All - Positive Wedding Stories During Covid-19

By Jen Daley

We are all too familiar with the changes in our world due to Covid-19. It has been a time to reflect, and many of us are finding that the thing we focus on most are those we LOVE. We can see more clearly, our priorities, and those who mean so much to us.  

Covid-19 has changed much of our day to day lives and future plans but we are able to see it does not change love. We have been inspired by the stories coming forward of those who gave up all that they planned and were still able to create a day that will likely be even more memorable to them in years to come!

"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." C.S. Lewis

While respecting the CDC guidelines, we have also learned there are unique ways to still have a memorable wedding!

While Social Distancing has become a new Normal for many of us, we are seeing LOVE shape the way for weddings!

  • Drive-by guests for front yard weddings!  
  • Zoom weddings where the guests dress up!
  • Creative Back Yard wedding themes to imitate living room celebrations
  • Fun Save the “New Date” Announcements 

Here are just a few fun ideas that we have enjoyed.

This post pointed out something interesting to think about! While it is a scary time, it is also a huge part of our history. Truly something your children will be learning about in school for years to come. 


couple getting married outside

“Welp kids, let me tell you about a time your daddy and I got married”   @roxyrodd - Photo by @lyricphotog

While couples make adjustments they have to eliminate much of their guest list and often times, deciding if the photographer gets to be 1 of the 10 people allowed. It becomes a unique atmosphere for the photographer to capture such a small ceremony. We love the sense of humor and pure sense of joy that comes from this image!

Covid-19 Weddings Photos

"After 7 years, Marianne wasn’t waiting any longer because of Covid-19. They had to completely change their plans but we made it work and with just TEN people!

We definitely had to make some laughter out of their situation. Their wedding day was so special and something I’ll never forget as a photographer”  @carlilaytonphotography 

⁣Many of you have spent what seems to be a lifetime planning your dream wedding. Choosing love may mean forfeiting landscapes and even flowers, knowing that these things are still waiting for you in the future!

 Covid-19 Wedding Pictures

“I said 'I do' to giving up my Scotland elopement dreams, then mountaintop elopement dreams, and then just the simple expectation of having flowers in hand when I walked down the aisle. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would love a man so much that I wouldn’t want to go another day without marrying him. "⁣

Virtual weddings have become a popular idea and a fun way to share with your friends and family who are not able to attend. We love the idea of dressing up just as if you were attending the wedding in person. What a great way to break up the mundane of our quarantine lives!  

Virtual Wedding Images Covid-19, Corona Virus

“This is what a #coronaviruswedding looks like. Live streaming our wedding ceremony in the church so all of our family and friends could see us get married. Nothing was going to stop us from getting married, we decided when everything went crazy we would get married no matter what. It was a perfect day and I was blessed to be able to marry my husband. #loveconquersall

@sarafudge - Photo by @staceylarsenphotography

couple cutting their wedding cake

Another couple, Kelly-Lynne Russel (of @thelowlowstyle) and Andrew Guy, who postponed their wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic, also got married while in quarantine. The virtual wedding was streamed live on Kelly-Lynne’s Facebook page, where she requested guests to dress up and watch. Washingtonian’s very own Style Setter, Dani Satuer of Blonde in the District tuned in and says she honored her fellow fashion blogger’s request by dressing to the nines. “I wore a champagne-colored dress with a hat to match (think like a Kentucky Derby hat) and light blue pumps with a croissant detail at the toe,” says Dani.

As we read and follow story after story, one theme seems to stand out, resilience and a sense of humor. If truth be told, those may be the very most important traits that your marriage will rely on forevermore!

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