Alexandrite - "Emerald By Day, Ruby By Night"

This magical color-changing gem can appear green, blue, purple, or red depending on the lighting, earning the term “emerald by day, ruby by night” by many jewelers. The birthstone of June and the official gem of the 55th anniversary, alexandrite is a unique and beautiful stone to use when creating a custom and meaningful ring. 

History & Sourcing Of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is considered a relatively modern gem, discovered in the early 1800’s in the Ural Mountains of Russia. The stone was named after Tsar/Czar Alexander II, who ruled in Russia during the mid-1800s. The gem was popularized among Tsars of Russia, especially for its red and green colors - the colors of Imperial Russia. This incredible color-change effect, sometimes called the “Alexandrite Effect,” is caused by chromium in the mineral chrysoberyl. Natural alexandrite is extremely rare and has only been found in five countries, with the highest quality alexandrite found in Russia. Russian alexandrite mining is minimal, and these Russian gems can typically only be found in antique jewelry. Alexandrite has been found in Sri Lanka and Brazil, but the color and quality are not as desirable as Russian alexandrite. Most natural alexandrite stones are very small. 

Because of the gem’s rarity, natural alexandrite usually comes with a high price tag. However, lab-grown alexandrite has the same chemical and physical properties as natural alexandrite at only a fraction of the cost. Although lab-grown alexandrite is not natural, it is real. It is created using the same minerals as natural alexandrite in a sped up process of nature. We use high-quality Chatham alexandrite gems in our rings, such as the gem used in the ring pictured below. Chatham reports that its alexandrite gems are grown using a seed of natural Russian alexandrite as well as high amounts of chromium to achieve the vibrant colors and color-changing effect seen in the natural stone. In addition, lab-grown gems typically reduce environmental and humanitarian impacts that are often associated with mining. Without the more affordable lab-grown gems such as those by Chatham many people would never have the opportunity to own or wear such a stunning gem! 

custom rings with alexandrite stone

Alexandrite Symbolism

Alexandrite is one of three birthstones of June with pearl and moonstone. June is the zodiac season of the Gemini. Alexandrite is the perfect stone to represent the Gemini zodiac sign, which is ruled by the planet of change - Mercury. The duality of color seen in this gem is parallel to the 2-in-1 symbolism of the Gemini. Not only are there gemstones/birthstones assigned to each month of the year, but there are also gems for each day of the week. Alexandrite is sometimes known as the stone of “Friday’s Child” for its association with the day Friday. 


The gem is said to bring good luck and fortune, as well as to provide many spiritual and metaphysical benefits such as boosting confidence and inspiring creativity. 

(*The metaphysical and spiritual claims presented here are not necessarily backed by reputable science or research and are not intended to be used as replacement or equivalent of any medical care including treatments or cures)

Alexandrite Care & Cleaning

Not only is alexandrite a beautiful stone to look at, but it also scores an 8.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale, indicating excellent toughness! This makes the gem a durable stone fit for everyday wear. In addition, this toughness makes the stone a fantastic candidate for designing unique rings around because it can be faceted in many different cuts, including:

  • Round
  • Pear
  • Cushion
  • Oval
  • Emerald
  • Marquise
  • Etc. 

As always, remove rings when participating in tasks like swimming, doing laundry or other housework, participating in sports, and other activities that are hard on your hands. Each custom ring we create comes with a durable silicone ring that can be worn instead of your alexandrite ring in order to protect the ring and your hands. Please view our full Care Guidelines page here for more information about ring care.  

Use warm soapy water and a soft brush to clean alexandrite jewelry. Ultrasonic cleaners and steam are usually safe for alexandrite, but we advise using caution as there is a chance of heat affecting the stone's color.  

Finding Or Designing A Custom Alexandrite Ring

Whether you or that special someone was born in June or you love the unique look and properties of the gem, alexandrite is a beautiful choice for a custom ring. At Staghead Designs, we offer a variety of custom engagement rings and birthstone rings that are the perfect way to represent the unique bond between you and your loved one. Whether you want something simple or ornate, we offer many ring styles and can even help you design your own! Browse our unique engagement rings here or design your own alexandrite ring by filling out the form here.

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