2024 Engagement Ring Trends - Here Are Our Predictions

Move over dainty bands, rose gold, oval cuts, and minimalism! Engagement rings are going to look a bit different in 2024. This year we're incorporating colors, textures, and bold statement pieces to create rings that are truly unique and one-of-a-kind. As priorities regarding sustainable and ethical sourcing, cost, and durability change, rings are taking on new and exciting elements that will make each ring a piece of bespoke art that the wearer can feel good about wearing. These new captivating styles cover a broad range of looks, allowing for room to capture your personality! Here are ten trends we're predicting will be in store for 2024:

1. Colorful Gemstone Accents and Black Diamond Accents

Colorful gemstones have been rising in popularity significantly in recent years, but mostly as center stones. In 2024 though, we will see more and more rings with  alternative accent stone options. Mixing different colors and gems and creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces is in, and we are incredibly excited about it! We expect to see more requests for black diamonds, Montana sapphires, pearls, alexandrite, garnet, moss agate, etc. as accents. The design options and combinations are virtually endless, and we can't wait to see what our clients come up with! 

2. Bezel Settings

A trend starting in 2023, bezel settings have become popular for their sleek look and durability. Bezel settings do not use prongs, but instead have a solid piece of metal that surrounds the stone and holds it in place. For clients worried about prongs getting caught in their hair, clothes, etc., the bezel setting is a fantastic solution. Bezel settings are also great for protecting soft stones like opal, moonstone, and turquoise as the bezel covers all edges and points of the stone that could be prone to chipping or breaking. Overall, the bezel is the most durable setting option for gemstones and will help a ring stand the test of time. Add some milgrain detailing to the bezel for an extra design element that looks stunning!

3. Fantasy Cut Gemstones

Not only is client interest in unique gemstones rising, but so is interest in stones that feature expert cuts by independent lapidary artists such as John Dyer, Larry Woods, and KosnarGemCo. These "fantasy" cut stones are pieces of sculptural artwork that take any ring to another level of uniqueness! Some of our favorite fantasy cuts we've offered in the Staghead Mine include Starbrite, Medicine Wheel, Four Directions, and Rupee. 

4. Intricate Metalwork

Goodbye minimalism, hello maximalism! We have seen a steady increase in requests for rings featuring intricate metalwork in recent months. This metalwork often includes milgrain detailing, vine or floral designs, and other sculptural details. Even solitaire rings can be elevated with the addition of sculptural detailing on the band. We are commonly asked to incorporate birth flowers, Celtic knots, or other personal and significant design elements into the metalwork of a ring.

5. Men's Engagement Rings and Flat Tops

A trend that started in 2023, men's engagement rings have continued to increase in popularity significantly. This year we expect to see more requests for men's flat top or signet rings, rings with gemstones, and precious metal rings (gold and silver). Popular gemstones and materials for men are black diamonds, moss agate, alexandrite, sapphire, and pearls. Double proposals and women proposing to their men is becoming more normal - why not? Men deserve beautiful rings too!

6. Split Shank Settings

A split shank setting is a ring where the band splits apart into a double band. The split shank design has been around for a very long time and has many variations. There are simple split shanks, split shanks with sculptural detailing such as vines, and even split shanks where the bands criss-cross and create unique patterns. Split shanks offer more finger coverage and complement the shape of the center stone in a ring, offering a more dynamic design, which is why we're predicting them to steal the spotlight in 2024!

7. Lab-Grown Diamonds

Sustainably and ethically sourced gemstones are all the rage in recent years, and we suspect this trend will continue to grow! Not only are lab-grown diamonds physically and chemically the same as their natural counterparts, but they come at a fraction of the cost! While we focus on sourcing all gemstones ethically, lab-grown stones give the wearer extra peace-of-mind that their stone was sourced ethically. Lab-grown is a fantastic alternative to other traditionally expensive gemstones including emerald, alexandrite, sapphire, and more. Lab-grown diamonds also make excellent accent stones.

8. Thick Bands and Cigar Bands

The thin and dainty ring trend of the early 2020's is on it's way out as thick, cigar-style bands are taking the spotlight. Thick bands provide several benefits over thin bands, especially durability. Thin bands are prone to cracking or bending over time, whereas thick bands provide a solid base for the ring that is much more difficult to damage. In addition, thick bands provide opportunity for unique metalwork and engravings or alternative finishes. These benefits combined with the bold and sleek look they provide, thick bands are sure to be an exciting design element in this year's rings.

9. Unique Band Finishes

Hammered, satin, sandblasted, shiny - there are many finishes you can get on an engagement ring band. While shiny is the traditional finish, alternative finishes provide a new opportunity for a unique look as well as potential durability advantages. Gold is a relatively soft metal that is prone to scratching. A hammered, sandblasted, or satin finish hides scratches quite well and keeps your ring looking good for many years without the need for frequent polishing. 

10. Two-Tone Gold

Yellow gold and white gold are the current top picks for engagement rings, but if you can't decide on just one - why not get both? Two-tone rings feature two gold colors; a combination of yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. One common trend for those wanting a colorless center stone like lab-grown diamond or moissanite is to get a yellow gold shank and white gold prongs on a ring. The white gold makes the stone look brighter and whiter while still providing the warmth and elegance of yellow gold against the skin. This trend is not only being seen in women's engagement rings, but men's rings as well.

Designing a Custom Engagement Ring

Custom rings incorporating unique design elements like colorful fantasy cut gemstones, metalwork, and alternative band finishes are rising in popularity and will likely be the common theme in 2024. Whether you want a traditional diamond ring, or something alternative, we are proud to offer some of the widest gemstone variety and design flexibility in the jewelry industry. Each ring is custom made with your needs and wants in mind, and we love handcrafting bespoke heirloom pieces unlike anything you've seen before. Start with one of our customizable women's or men's engagement ring designs, or work with our design team to create the ring of your dreams today!

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