Memorializing Your Loved One With a Cremation Ring

For years people have searched for meaningful and creative ways to memorialize their departed loved ones or furry friends. People in the Victorian era would often make mourning jewelry containing hair as a memento of their lost family member. Today, a popular form of mourning jewelry is cremation rings. A cremation ring is a sentimental way to always keep your departed loved one near and carry them with you everywhere you go. 

What is a cremation ring?

A cremation ring is a memorial ring that contains an inlay of cremation ashes, sealed in with a protective coating.

What kinds of ring or jewelry designs can ashes be put in?

In order to use ashes in a ring, the ring needs to have a "channel" or cutout where the ashes can be inlayed into the ring. Where we custom craft everything in-house, you are able to pick the design you like from our website and we can add the ashes either to an existing inlay or in place of an inlay. We can also use ashes in a necklace or pendant with an inlay.

To make the ring even more special, you can use another unique and meaningful material in addition to the ashes such as whiskey barrel, moss, antler, or even another material you send in. We've worked with coffee beans, clothing, car parts, newspaper, animal hair, sand, fishing line, and much more.

This silver "The Expedition" ring features whiskey barrel oak, elk antler, and cremation ash mountains.

Don't see the perfect ring or jewelry piece on our website? We'd love to help you custom design one!

Can you put ashes in an engagement ring?

Yes! We have several engagement ring options that have inlays. Choose from our customizable inlay engagement rings and we can swap the inlay material for ashes.

Some of our engagement ring designs that have inlays include: Everett, Lucy in the Sky, Helix, Raya, Love Story, Eota, Atlantis, Greta, Josephine, Crazy On You, Lina, Eris, Fawn, and Nile.

Some companies offer services where ash is turned into a stone or diamond. At this time, we do not accept stones of any kind to be sent in to be used for rings. (Why? The simple answer is: if any damage or loss of the stone occurs during the setting process, we would not be able to replace the stone and it could become a liability issue.) However, we do provide a large variety of unique gemstones to choose from including Montana sapphire, moissanite, moss agate, salt and pepper diamond, moonstone, and much more.

How do I ship cremation ashes to be used in a ring?

The first step in starting an ashes ring would be to send us a message through the contact form here. This way, our design and customer service team can guide you through the process of purchasing the ring as well as how to ship the ashes. 

The only legal way to ship cremated remains is with the United States Postal Service, specifically using Priority Mail Express® and Priority Mail Express International®. USPS requires a special cremated remains kit be used to ship the remains, and this must be ordered through USPS. Please see their website here for all details on how to legally and safely ship cremated remains.

How much ash needs to be sent in?

We will need the equivalent of 1 tablespoon of the ashes to be sent to us.  Please note that we will not ship any excess ashes once the order is completed. 

What finger should a cremation ring be worn on?

The simple answer is - whichever finger you want! The finger you wear the ring on is personal preference and there is no right or wrong way to wear it. In addition, you could wear the ring on a chain as a necklace if you work with your hands a lot or just don't like the feeling of wearing a ring.

Creating a cremation ring

Losing a loved one or pet can be incredibly difficult, and for some people a cremation ring can bring comfort during the mourning process. We are absolutely honored to help you memorialize your loved one or furry friend and we take the utmost care and pride in crafting your ring or other custom jewelry keepsake. We have a wide variety of designs that ashes can be incorporated into, or we are always happy to custom design a different design you have in mind. Reach out to us today to start creating a beautiful and wearable piece of memorial art!