We take pride in our craftsmanship and quality and do everything we can to make our rings as durable as possible. However, due to daily wear and tear, solid metal rings can incur light scratches on the surface. For this reason we are offering a lifetime-limited warranty, which will give you peace of mind and keep your handcrafted ring looking great for years to come!

This warranty is only for solid metal rings! If you need to purchase a warranty for your ring which has natural materials, such as wood, antler, etc., please purchase that HERE

What Is Covered & Included?

4 Polishes: Using certain tools, we can buff and polish the ring to remove light scratching from the surface of the ring. For black zirconium rings, please be aware it will most likely be completely remade as the scratches will remove the top layer of black, which comes from the fire-treating of the metal. The ring cannot be fire-treated again, so we reserve the right to remake the ring completely.


60% OFF Resizing Remakes: Due to the natural material used in your handcrafted ring, resizing your ring actually means rebuilding the ring from scratch. With the purchase of our lifetime-limited warranty, you will receive a 60% discount on your new, resized ring in exchange for your original ring.

20% OFF Remakes Due to Structural Damage: Although we cannot cover against structural damage to the base metal of your ring, we understand accidents happen and will offer 20% off the remake of a new ring.

*If you need to purchase two warranties, simply select the appropriate metal option and then add the quantity of “2” to your cart.
*Warranty must be purchased along with your ring or prior to receiving your ring in the mail.
*We do not offer free coverage or replacement for structural damage to the metal base of your ring, so please try not to drop a transmission on it. Keep your fingers safe.
*We do not offer coverage for lost or damaged precious stones.

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