Every ring we sell comes with our FREE lifetime-limited warranty which covers a lifetime of free reseals and polishes, but if you'd like some additional coverage and protection, you can purchase this Extended Lifetime Warranty.

Once you're ready to send your ring in for a free polish just let us know and you can send that in, no questions asked! We will provide you with a return shipping label as well as pay for the cost of shipping the ring back to you. Both labels will be USPS First Class Mail. If you'd like to upgrade your shipping, or require a signature upon arrival, please contact us for shipping options and pricing.

When you are ready to send your ring in for a polish, simply email us with your order number and put "Attention Repairs" in the subject line of the email.

*Please note that for orders outside of the U.S. we will not provide a return shipping label, however we will cover the cost of us shipping the ring back to you.

This warranty is only for solid metal rings! If you need to purchase a warranty for your ring which has natural materials, such as wood, antler, etc., please purchase that HERE

What Is Covered & Included?

1 Free Lifetime Resize:

Gold and silver rings can be resized up and down, but there are limitations as to how much they can be resized. Most of our other metal rings are pretty restrictive as to if/how much they can be resized, however with the purchase of our extended warranty you can contact us at any point to receive a free resize! This resize will be free, even if the ring itself needs to be completely rebuilt, and as long as the ring base isn't damaged.

*Rings made in black zirconium or heat-treated titanium will be resized by machining out the interior of the ring which will remove the top layer and expose the gray color underneath. We will be unable to re-color the ring, so the inside will be gray. This is typically not seen when being worn.


60% OFF Resizing Remakes: If you have used your free resize and still need to alter your size at a later point, with the purchase of our extended lifetime-limited warranty, you will receive a 60% discount on your new, resized ring in exchange for your original ring.

20% OFF Remakes Due to Structural Damage: Although we cannot fully cover against structural damage to the base metal of your ring, we understand accidents happen and will offer 20% off the remake of a new ring.

*If you need to purchase two warranties, simply select the appropriate metal option and then add the quantity of “2” to your cart.
*Warranty must be purchased along with your ring or prior to receiving your ring in the mail.
*We do not offer free coverage or replacement for structural damage to the metal base of your ring, so please try not to drop a transmission on it. Keep your fingers safe.
*We do not offer coverage for lost or damaged precious stones.

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