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GOOD NEWS! Same Beautiful Rings - Discounted Price - Ships In Days Not Weeks!


As a matter of principle each of our rings is custom made to order, according to our clients size and designs specifications. Because of this, and high demand, our current lead time is 6-8 weeks on any commissioned ring. However, over the years many of our clients have ordered incorrect sizes and sent rings back for a new size. These "Homeless" rings are now available at a discounted rate & will ship within a week rather than 6-8 weeks!!

If you add a ring or box engraving to your order please keep in mind that may add a few extra days to your ship date.

We love taking on custom orders. If you have your own idea for a design reach out to us in the contact section of the website, we want to make something as unique and special as the love you have found.

Handmade || Custom || Made to order

View our Passion and Craftsmanship HERE

Because we use natural and unique materials in our rings, variation must be expected. No two rings will look the same, each piece of wood, antler, copper, etc... will have unique patterns, grains, colors, etc..

Started from raw materials, each ring is a multi-day process and is made just for you. To ensure a good fit, we recommend being sized by at least 2 jewelers, using rings that are similar to the width that you plan on ordering from us, NOT the thin key chain ring sizers sometimes used by jewelers. Wider rings will not fit in the same size that thin rings do.

The rings cannot be resized without being completely remade. For this reason refunds and remakes can not be given if a ring is ordered in the wrong size, however a discounted remake fee can be made available. If you take the time to try on rings in the width you will be ordering we are confident that the ring we craft you will fit perfectly.


Men’s/Unisex Rings

Because many of our rings have natural materials in them (such as wood, antler, etc.) they do require more care than a traditional solid gold wedding band. We recommend you remove your ring for:

- Any water exposure (including handwashing)
- Using household chemicals, hand sanitizer, or any other harsh chemicals
- Any manual labor
- Anything that might incur impact damage such as hitting your ring on hard surfaces or dropping it

Engagement Rings

- Remove your ring for any manual labor (especially anything that includes gripping items tightly such as furniture, free weights, etc.)
- Remove your ring when using cosmetics, household chemicals, hand sanitizer, or any other harsh chemicals

Click here to view our full care guidelines for all of our rings.


We offer a free ring sizing kit at the time of purchasing a ring, which ensures you receive one free resize as long as we are contacted within 15 days of you receiving the ring! If you did not use our free ring sizer, or are reaching out after the 15 days, please contact us and we’d love to help you get your sizing figured out!

If ordering in TUNGSTEN or CERAMIC please note those are comfort fit bands and you must be sized appropriately. The rest of our rings are standard fit.

Click here to view our full sizing guidelines and information.


Returns & Exchanges

We do accept returns and exchanges as long as we are contacted within 15 days of receiving the ring, and the ring is returned in perfect condition. 

Custom rings may receive 100% store credit OR a 40% refund.

Lead Times

Our lead time for rings that are made to order is 3 weeks if set in Titanium, Black Zirconium, Damascus Steel, Tungsten, or Ceramic (and do not contain any silver or gold), 6 weeks for rings containing Gold or Silver and up to 8 weeks on women's engagement and wedding rings, or any rings which contain precious stones. Custom rings can take longer than our 8 week production time.


Please note that the interior of most rings will be engraved with our antler logo and the metal type of the ring you are purchasing.

If purchasing a stone from the Staghead Mine please note that we do not send the loose stone.

Click here to view our full policies.

Free Lifetime-Limited Warranty

Each ring we sell comes with a free warranty! This includes free cleanings, polishings, and even re-sealing the protective coating that is placed over the natural materials in your ring. For engagement rings, it also includes free ring inspections and prong tightenings to ensure your stones are secure!

Extended Lifetime Warranty

This extended warranty, which can be purchased with the ring, provides you a lifetime of free repairs in the event the natural materials in your ring become damaged. We will replace them, no questions asked, and as long as the metal base itself is not damaged it will be completely covered!

It also includes one free lifetime resize as long as our free ring sizer was used at the time of purchase, 60% off a new ring design in the event you don’t love your ring design, and 20% off a new ring if the metal base is damaged beyond repair. 

Click here to view our full warranty information.

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