Deposit for Ring Sizer



  • Check out with the $5 shipping option. Upon receiving the sizers back we will refund $15 back to you from the $30.

  • Do not purchase without prior arrangement with our customer service team. If you have problems with your sizing, feel free to email us at

  • These sizers are only to provide an estimate of size, so please do not order using the size on the sizer ring! Let us know which number fits best (the “-” indicates a 1/2 size) and we will finalize the ring size with you. Once you have shipped the sizers back we will measure that size to ensure it’s accurate and let you know which ring size to order.

  • These sizers are most accurate with 5 - 8mm wide rings. If you need to be sized for an engagement band or ring wider than 8mm, we suggest going to a local jeweler for the best results.

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