Welcome to the “Staghead Mine”! The mine is home to our hand-selected collection of extremely unique and rare gemstones, which were curated because they cannot be found anywhere else, and possess outstanding qualities that deserve to be highlighted by truly custom rings!

Start with your stone!

The purchase of once-in-a-lifetime stone from the mine, reserves that stone, allowing you to design the ring of your dreams, around your stone, to create a truly meaningful symbol of your love!

Please note that for liability reasons we will require a signature confirmation upon delivery of your custom ring with your mine stone regardless of the shipping option you select at checkout. Due to the cost and the unique nature of each stone, we want to ensure your ring arrives safely! 

You will be emailed by our Design Team soon after your purchase to get started on the design of your dream ring! 

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$1,250 $2,080

Didn't see the perfect ring? DESIGN ONE! Contact us with your design ideas and we will get started!

P.S. All of our rings are made to order, so custom designs do not necessarily cost more money!

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