IN-STOCK - NON-RESIZABLE (Often Discounted, 1 Week Lead Time)

In-Stock - Non-Resizable 

We very rarely carried inventory, nearly every ring we make is artisan-crafted to order, just for our clients. In-Stock, non-resizable rings are no different, they are handcrafted rings that were ordered in the wrong size or made for a photoshoot & now have no forever home. Instead of our usual 6-8 week lead time, these rings will be ready to ship in 1 week!

These are not common, so please don't hold out hope that the style or size you want will show up here before the wedding. We have let these pile up for years and are now releasing them here for those who may not have the time to wait for a custom ring, made just for them. They are organized by their size in the filters below. Hurry before they are gone!

Please note that we use our stock photos for the ring listings, so the rings pictured may not be the exact ring that is available. Color, grain, and width of materials may vary due to our rings having natural materials and being handcrafted.

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