Charles Lightoller was born in 1874. His mother died of smallpox shortly after giving birth and his father left for New Zealand when Charles was 10, leaving him in the care of relatives. At 13, Charles signed onto the crew of a ship and began a life at sea. As the years passed, he obtained his various mates certificates and became an able officer who was offered a position on the ill-fated Titanic. The night that the ship sank, Lightoller was in charge of half of the lifeboats and made sure that the women and children in his vicinity were saved. Just as the Titanic went under, Lightoller jumped free and managed to grab hold of a collapsible lifeboat, surviving until morning.

After the Titanic, Lightoller went home to England and was awarded positions in the Royal Navy, eventually becoming a decorated officer due to war victories in World War I. He retired before World War II but when he heard of the disaster at Dunkirk, he volunteered to take his personal 35-seat watercraft and pilot it in an effort to save as many soldiers as possible. He made it there and was able to rescue 127 men. On the journey back to England, Lightoller evaded aircraft fire from enemy planes and was able to safely deliver those men home.

This small EDC knife has been named after Charles Lightoller as we love his story and felt a small everyday carry folding knife made of Damascus steel would be the perfect knife for someone with his story. This knife is a great utility knife for small duty work but don't underestimate this knife. The short Damascus blade is a great slicer. The beautiful Damascus bolster and rich Rosewood handle make this knife anything but a utility knife. The ambidextrous design means it can be used by either a right-handed or left-handed person. The stainless steel liner has the liner-lock built in so it doesn't add any unnecessary bulk to the knife. This incredibly unique handmade Damascus steel folder will be a prized knife in your collection or an incredible gift for the knife collector in your life.


  • Overall Length: 4.4”
  • Handle Length: 2.5”
  • Blade Length: 1.9”
  • Blade Material: Damascus Steel 1095 and 15n20
  • Damascus Pattern: Twist
  • Number of Layers: 256
  • Blade Thickness: .13"
  • Rockwell Hardness: HRC 56-59
  • Handle Material: Rosewood and Damascus Steel Bolster
  • Includes a full-grain leather sheath, a wood presentation box, and 3ml. bottle of premium knife oil with dropper
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

Please note: Each knife is handmade from natural materials. There will be some variation in color, metal pattern, and overall look. The knife you receive will have the same attention to quality and detail as the one pictured but may differ slightly in appearance.


1095 Steel is high-carbon steel and will rust if not dried and oiled after use. Hand-wash only with soap and hot water. Dry completely before oiling.


Please note that this knife cannot be cancelled after 5 days. Please allow 4 weeks for the knives to be completed. They will ship soon after that. 

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