**This listing is specifically for those who have already received a ring and it does not fit. If you would like a ring sizer and have not yet ordered from us, you can purchase the ring you'd like and select the Free Ring Sizer option at checkout!**


In order to determine your size, we recommend making the sizer obviously smaller than what is needed so it has to be worked onto your finger and expands when going over the knuckle. Once it's on, flick your hand several times to make sure it's not going to fall off. When removing the sizer, make sure it's at a size where there's a bit of resistance when going over the knuckle. It's hard to recommend exactly how tight or loose it should fit once on your finger because different people have different preferences, but we prefer that it can spin a little bit once it's on our finger while still having that resistance when going over the knuckle.

We also recommend trying it on at different times throughout the day and wearing it around for a little while (making sure as best you can it's staying at the size you set it) just to make sure it's a comfortable fit for you. The sizer has notches to display the sizes - the longer notches indicate a full size while the shorter notches indicate a half size. The sizer only displays half size increments, but we do make our rings in 1/4 sizes so keep that in mind when determining your size. 

If you have any questions about how to use or read the sizer, please let us know and we are happy to help!

*Please note that the sizer will be shipping with USPS and you will not need to return the sizer.
*This ring sizer is most accurate with rings that are 1 - 8mm wide. If you are ordering a ring that is wider than 8mm please reach out for guidance on ordering for that.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Laurie Laurie Mohr
Ordered the ring sizer

Ring sizer is fine. I got a text and asked if I enjoyed my free silicone ring with my order. I never got a free silicone ring. I also read the ring sizer was free; I pd for it.

Jessilyn Albanelli

Works good!

Kaitlin Roth


Chris Neal

Ring Sizer

Spendy, but it’s a must

The ring sizer didn’t seem any different from a jeweler shop, but I trust the team at Staghead Designs so I rented it. I hope it works! I’m excited to get my ring back!!